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Understanding Your Shareholder Profiles

The ninth standard of online investor relations is built around an essential idea: knowing your shareholders and understanding their information needs. Different investors prioritise different types of information. For example, retail investors typically focus on share price and dividend information, while institutional and foreign investors often seek earnings calls transcripts and earnings presentations. News and announcements add context and are generally of interest to all investor segments.

Four Guiding Principles for Content Publication

  • Consistency: Regularly publish and update the information your investors are seeking.
  • Completeness: Ensure you cover all aspects of the information you’re providing. Incomplete data can mislead investors.
  • Accuracy: Always double-check the data you’re publishing. Erroneous information can harm your credibility.
  • Timeliness: Update your information as soon as possible. Delayed updates can cause investors to miss out on crucial opportunities.

Leveraging ‘Push Communications’ for Community Growth

By applying these principles to investor relations data and news, and combining them with ‘push communications’, you can cultivate a connected online community of dedicated investors. ‘Push communications’ refer to direct communication methods, such as permission-based email or mobile app notifications, that deliver content straight to your investors, bypassing the “throttling ransoms” imposed by some social media channels.

This method boasts a high ROI and enables strategic PR, commercial, and corporate communications on demand. It makes your company accessible and present in the digital lives of your investors, enhancing transparency and fostering trust.

The Intersection of Online Investor Relations and Broader Commercial Digital Strategy

As you can see, online investor relations is intrinsically connected with your broader commercial digital strategy. The overlap is not only natural but also beneficial, as it ensures that all your online activities are aligned towards a common goal. This harmonization enhances your overall digital presence and promotes a consistent brand image.

Ultimately, understanding and catering to the information needs of your investors is not just about transparency; it’s about building relationships and fostering trust. By publishing key, in-demand investor data, you’re telling your investors that their needs matter and that you’re committed to keeping them informed.

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