What we do

Reduce investor reliance on third-party data providers

Provide Real-Time Financial Information

We equip you with a tool that answers historical financial questions in real-time, ensuring that investors have the information they need when they need it.

Enhance Financial Visualisation

Our platform improves investor understanding with customized graphing tools, turning complex financial data into understandable insights.

Encourage ESG Reporting

Besides financial data, our software allows companies to integrate their ESG reporting, reflecting their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

The Value

Shaping narratives, Building trust, Boosting efficiency.

Our Interactive Analyst Center revolutionises your Investor Relations strategy by streamlining the financial and ESG data representation process. We provide you with the keys to effectively control the narrative around your performance data, leading to greater consistency in analysts’ models and interpretations. By adopting our solution, your IR website becomes the definitive go-to hub for accurate financials, amplifying investor trust in your reporting.

  • 1
    Empowerment: Take control of analyst inputs, fostering more consistent modelling and reducing the risk of misinterpretation or misuse of data.
  • 2
    Confidence: Establish your IR website as the definitive source for your financial data, boosting investor confidence in your reporting.
  • 3
    Efficiency: Our solution eliminates the need for labor-intensive data compilation and presentation, freeing up valuable resources.
The Benefits

Cultivating Transparency, Encouraging Engagement, Enhancing Experience

The Interactive Analyst Center ensures your financial and ESG performance is transparent and digestible to stakeholders, paving the way for more engaged and informed relationships. Our platform’s real-time responsiveness allows you to swiftly answer historical financial queries, keeping your stakeholders in the loop at all times.

  • Transparency: Your stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of your financial and ESG performance through our easy-to-digest online spreadsheets.
  • Real-time Responsiveness: The IAC equips you to answer historical financial queries swiftly, ensuring that stakeholders remain informed and engaged.
  • Reduced Dependence: Lessen investor reliance on third-party data providers, effectively mitigating the risk of data discrepancies and fostering direct engagement.
  • Enhanced Visualization: With our customised graphing tools, your financial and ESG data are transformed into understandable insights, improving your stakeholders’ comprehension and experience.

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