Our clients create and share wealth: responsibly. We want the world to know.

Bring visibility to your investment case and impacts on society through turnkey digital corporate and investor communications solutions

What We Do

We help businesses communicate effectively

As full custodians of our clients’ corporate digital communications infrastructure we manage all aspects of ESG, sustainability and investor relations communications: enabling our clients to concentrate on doing what they do best: sustainably creating wealth for society and shareholders.

We work to get the best for our clients

Many companies are preparing great IR and Sustainability content but don’t leverage it effectively on social and digital platforms.

AfricanFinancials sorts that out.

Low Cost, High Impact Communications Governance

AfricanFinancials seeks to publish the Core Investor Data of every listed company in Africa online for free. The resultant communities are leveraged to promote progressive sustainability and IR practices across Africa through our listed company clients.

Email Alerts

On-demand, push notifications of share prices, news and announcements.

Investor Support

Stakeholder and investor engagement through your website and digital channels.


Actionable insights into the effectiveness of your corporate communications.

Content Strategy

Consulting on implementing sustainability and ESG-related social media strategy.

Turnkey, communications solutions for

Every listed company in Africa

Every listed company in Africa

Corporate communications solutions developed from the ground up, designed for African markets

Our products

Our products

Our products integrate seamlessly into corporate websites and social and digital marketing campaigns, filling the gaps that your internal team or third-party digital vendors are unable to.

ESG and Sustainability Reporting Solutions

ESG and Sustainability Reporting Solutions

Our products provide visibility to your sustainability efforts.  Access to your environmental and social governance data. Deep insight into your social purpose.