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Reconciling Completeness in Online Investor Relations and Sustainability Reporting

In this post, we delve into the concept of “completeness” and explore its significance in both my day-to-day online investor relations work and sustainability reporting.

Understanding Completeness in Sustainability

When we talk about “completeness” in sustainability, we’re referring to the principle that a company’s disclosures should offer in-depth and comprehensive information. This information should encompass the organization’s most significant impacts related to environmental, social, and economic topics.

However, this language might seem quite abstract. Let’s break it down into practical terms. A company’s sustainability reporting should cover all aspects, including:

  • Activities
  • Events
  • Performance data
  • Contextual issues
  • Regulations
  • Geographic locations
  • Value chain stages

All of these elements can substantially influence how stakeholders assess material topics.

Completeness in Online Investor Relations

Now, let’s focus on what “completeness” means in the realm of online investor relations. Here’s a breakdown of what should be published on your website, digital platforms, and social media channels for best practices:

  • Immediate Share Price and News Distribution

    Ensure 100% coverage of daily share prices, news releases, and regulatory announcements, distributed widely.

  • Regulatory Announcements Archive

    Maintain a full archive of every regulatory announcement.

  • Investor Presentation Transcripts

    Provide transcripts of every investor presentation.

  • Historical Share Price Data

    Include 5-year historical share price and trading volume data.

  • Earnings Presentation Archive

    Archive all PDFs and earnings presentations for reference.

  • Governance Information

    Offer comprehensive governance information.

  • Adherence to GRI Principles

    Demonstrate active adherence to and consideration of GRI Principles.

  • Dividends Archive

    Maintain an archive of dividends paid.

  • Social Media Engagement

    Conduct a corporate social media campaign with SDG-categorized content, comprising at least 156 posts per annum.

  • Corporate Policies and Statutory Documents

    Make all corporate policies and statutory documents, including the memorandum and articles of association, available.

  • Downloadable Financial and ESG Data

    Offer downloadable data sets of annual report financial and ESG data, covering all financials and ESG metrics.

  • Direct Stakeholder Communication

    Enable the ability to send direct messages to every shareholder and registered stakeholder on demand, via email.

The GRI Principle of completeness is a complex and crucial aspect, both in the sustainability context and in your day-to-day online investor relations work. It ensures transparency and comprehensive reporting to meet stakeholder expectations.

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