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I help listed companies communicate effectively.

My role typically doesn’t involve creating content like annual reports for my clients. So, how do I perceive “balance” within the context of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) in online investor relations? It’s a unique interpretation. For me, it’s not about positive and negative, but rather about the following aspects of balance:

  • Presentation of Investor Data: Balancing short, medium, and long-term investor data in the presentation of investor relations information.
  • IR Data: Striking a balance in the presentation of news, share price, valuation, dividends, and announcements.
  • Content Variety: Maintaining a balance of standard content that investors typically seek, such as governance, about us, and more, to craft a comprehensive story.
  • Digital Channels: Achieving balance in the publication and distribution of client content across a variety of appropriate digital channels.
  • Diverse Investor Types: Catering to the needs of various investor types, including retail investors, institutional investors, regulators, local and foreign stakeholders, and more – achieving a balance of investor diversity.

So, in the context of the GRI Principles, “balance” takes on a completely different meaning for me.

Now, I do recall that I engage in creating corporate social media content that revolves around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). My clients view this as guided or curated by me. However, I’m not the one to create positive and negative messaging.

It’s the responsibility of my client’s team to be authentic and humble when reporting their sustainability challenges and shortcomings. Although I may aspire to be in charge of such honest and transparent communication at some point, my current focus is on managing and optimizing my clients’ digital infrastructure to ensure they maintain their mental balance!

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