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If you’re developing a new corporate website for your business, there’s an important step you should pay attention to consulting with an investor relations provider early in the process.

As a provider of embedded email, data, and communications solutions, I often see companies launch new websites without considering how to integrate our services. This results in a suboptimal setup that requires disruptive changes after the site is live.

By bringing us in during the website design phase, we can seamlessly incorporate our solutions into the site architecture. This avoids duplication of functionality, preserves site aesthetics, and prevents disruptive changes.

Here are three key reasons to consult with us as an online IR provider before launching your new corporate website:

1. Integration

We can embed our solutions directly into your site’s code for smoother functionality and a more unified user experience. Retrofitting our solutions after launch often results in a clunky setup (and more costs + this upsets some people).

2. Aesthetics

Consulting early allows us to develop visually appealing solutions that match your site’s look and feel. A post-launch addition can clash with the existing design (sometimes, things don’t fit).

3. Strategy

When we understand your goals upfront, we can provide more strategic recommendations tailored to your business objectives. It’s harder to align the strategy after the site is live.

In summary, bringing an online investor relations provider like us into the conversation early when planning a new corporate website launch allows for the integration of the right solutions optimally.

This prevents disruptive changes and enables us to strategically embed tools that align with your digital marketing strategy.

Better still, we could design, host and manage your corporate website – then there’s no issue.

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Speak to us about IR solutions for your company

Speak to us about IR solutions for your company

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