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As a CEO, CFO or senior executive at an African-listed company, your business landscape is marked by an increasing demand for corporate transparency, stakeholder engagement, and robust investor relations practices. One of the most underutilised tools at your disposal is also one of the most powerful – surveys. These simple yet effective tools can generate insights that drive decision-making, boost shareholder engagement, and create a sustainable business growth pathway.

Harnessing the Power of Surveys

Surveys are a powerful tool for engaging your shareholders, investors, and stakeholders, giving them a voice in your company’s future. Not only do they provide you with valuable data, but they also offer an opportunity for increased engagement and dialogue with your investors. But how exactly can surveys bolster your investor relations strategy?

  1. Foster Effective Communication: Surveys offer an efficient communication channel, allowing you to ask targeted questions and gain an in-depth understanding of your stakeholders’ views.
  2. Unearth Valuable Insights: Surveys provide a wealth of data, uncovering insights about your shareholders’ perceptions and expectations, and helping guide strategic decisions.
  3. Boost Shareholder Engagement: Allowing shareholders to voice their opinions boosts engagement, creating a sense of investment and loyalty.
  4. Enhance Transparency: Regular surveys signal your commitment to open communication and transparency, vital elements in today’s investor relations landscape.
  5. Aid in Strategic Planning: Surveys can provide essential input for strategic planning, giving real-time feedback from your most critical stakeholders.

Tips for Conducting Effective Surveys: Designing an effective survey can be challenging. Here are some practical tips to consider:

  1. Keep it Focused: Ensure each survey is focused on a specific topic or objective. Avoid asking too many unrelated questions that might confuse respondents.
  2. Keep it Simple: Avoid using jargon or complex language that could confuse respondents. The more straightforward and clearer your questions are, the more accurate your responses will be.
  3. Make it Anonymous: Respondents are more likely to provide honest feedback if they know their responses are anonymous.
  4. Analyse and Act on Feedback: Collecting feedback is not enough; acting on it is what matters. Share the results with your stakeholders and outline the steps you plan to take based on their feedback.
  5. Regularity is Key: Regular surveys will help track changes in sentiment and identify trends over time.

Integrating Surveys into your Investor Relations Strategy

Incorporating surveys into your investor relations strategy requires a systematic approach. Start with identifying the specific information you seek to obtain, the group of shareholders you want to engage with, and the best way to reach them. Next, create a survey that is concise, clear, and focused on your objective. Once the results are in, it is crucial to analyse the data, draw insights, and most importantly, act on them. Remember, the goal here is to gather data and foster communication, build trust, and strengthen investor relations.


In today’s dynamic business environment, the importance of active and effective investor relations cannot be overstated. Surveys are an essential tool in this regard. They empower your shareholders, making them feel heard and valued, while providing you with critical insights to make informed business decisions. As a senior executive, embracing surveys as part of your investor relations strategy will set your business on a path to sustainable growth and success.

Remember, the voice of your shareholders is a potent tool. Use it wisely.

Our clients, who entrust their investor relations website hosting to us, include surveys as part of their strategy and communication tools. Here’s an example: Econet Wireless.

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