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Navigating the Minimum Standards Journey

In implementing the Minimum Standards of Online Investor Relations, we arrive at Standard 3 – adopting an Insider Trading Policy. This step is crucial in maintaining transparency and fostering trust within the investor community.

The Buffett Philosophy

Warren Buffet, the esteemed investor, offers valuable insights into how CEOs and Finance Directors should approach investor relations. Buffet’s philosophy is centered around ensuring equal access to information for all investors.

The Value of Equal Access

He is famously known for refraining from speaking to analysts and, instead, focusing on addressing all questions from all investors, no matter how long it takes. His practice of releasing investor relations information on a Friday afternoon, giving investors ample time over the weekend to digest it, demonstrates his commitment to this principle.

Visualizing Buffet’s Approach

A thought-provoking 4-minute video showcasing Buffet’s approach is provided below:

The Reality in Our Markets

Now, it begs the question – how many executives in our markets share and implement this belief? Or perhaps, to put it another way – how many executives opt for one-on-one analyst calls as a way to dodge the complexities of broader communications?

The Concern of Information Asymmetry

When CEOs engage in exclusive calls with analysts, sharing information that isn’t available to all investors, it raises concerns about information asymmetry. If this scenario is true, should shareholders worry about not receiving the same level of information given to others?

Share Ownership and Access to Information

What, then, is the share ownership threshold that gives a shareholder the right to question the CEO about information that might not be disseminated equitably?

Adopting an Insider Trading Policy

In adopting an Insider Trading Policy as suggested by Standard 3, we are taking significant strides towards improving transparency and fostering a fair and open communication environment for all investors, emulating the ethos of esteemed investors like Warren Buffet.

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