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Building on the Investment Thesis Foundation

Building upon the foundation of an engaging investment thesis, Standard 2 of our voluntary Minimum Standards of Online Investor Relations invites companies to adopt a formal disclosure policy, further fortifying the transparency and credibility of their investor relations.

Resource for Shaping Disclosure Policies

Executives exploring ways to shape their disclosure policy might find our comprehensive e-book an invaluable resource.

The Challenge of Creating a Disclosure Policy

Creating this policy, designed to mirror your company’s unique circumstances, is no small feat. It is a delicate balance of policy formulation, strategic planning, and tactical execution, encapsulated within a single document.

Navigating Digital Transformation

The complexity deepens when you consider that digital Investor Relations (IR) is ideally a facet of a broader digital transformation initiative. Consequently, if a broader digital strategy is not in place, defining the IR component can be challenging.

Interconnected Facets of Digital Strategy

Take, for example, the difficulty in creating a stand-alone policy for IR that does not include interconnected facets like crisis communications and data analytics.

The Involvement of Senior Executives

My advice to tackle this intricate task is to dive deep. Engage your senior executives, scrutinise every aspect, and ensure the policy is as comprehensive and meticulous as possible.

The Value of a Board-Approved Policy

Possessing a board-approved policy can prove to be a strategic asset when faced with pressing issues.

Adapting Core IR Topics into Policies

To determine core IR topics that can be adapted into policies, our Minimum Standards of Online Investor Relations serves as a handy reference point. This approach ensures your disclosure policy is not only robust but also tailored specifically to your company’s requirements and context.

Conclusion: Embracing the Second Standard

In conclusion, the second standard underscores the significance of embracing a formal disclosure policy within your online investor relations strategy, propelling your company toward heightened transparency and stronger investor relations.

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Building effective online investor relations in emerging African markets presents unique governance challenges for public companies. Our guidelines aim to help these companies leverage their stock exchange listings and overcome communication hurdles.

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