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Introduction: The Importance of Archive Management

Maintaining a comprehensive and easily accessible archive of company news, PDFs, and presentations is a fundamental part of investor relations. Standard 10 of our series is about this crucial practice. The right archive management can be instrumental in fostering transparency, accessibility, and trust. However, there are common oversights when it comes to handling these archives. Here are four practical recommendations to circumnavigate these pitfalls.

Recommendation 1: Unlock the Potential of PDF Content

Companies often neglect the valuable content housed in their PDF documents, leaving it hidden away in hard-to-search formats. Instead, the textual content of PDFs should be translated into a digital format. Doing so not only makes the content more accessible but also provides additional material that can be repurposed for strategic corporate messaging on social media platforms. It’s a straightforward way to add richness to your online content offering.

2 Insights:-

  • Timeliness of publication is critical.
  • Prioritise the completeness of archives.

Recommendation 2: Keep the News Stream Flowing

Consistency and variety are key in maintaining an engaging news stream. Capture all corporate events in your news updates. Social channels, particularly LinkedIn, highly appreciate and reward companies that deliver a constant stream of diverse content. This will not only keep your existing followers engaged but also attract new ones, expanding your online community.

A Key Takeaway

  • The ability to create articles through AI from audio transcripts is a game changer.

Recommendation 3: Don’t Miss Any Disclosures

In some cases, companies may neglect to publish all their formal regulatory announcements on their corporate website. This is especially common with disclosures related to share option schemes, share issuance, and other peripheral announcements. These are typically submitted to the stock exchange but not included in the corporate archive. By ensuring every disclosure makes it to your website, you provide your investors with a complete, accurate picture, reinforcing your transparency.

A Key Takeaway

  • A good connection with the share registrars is critical as they are in charge of the corporate records.

Recommendation 4: Adopt a Naming Protocol

A naming protocol for PDFs and news items can simplify future reference and reporting. This protocol is invaluable when it comes time to compile your year-end sustainability report, as it ensures all value-add activities of your company are stored in a centralised, easily accessible location.

Practical Tip

  • Name_category of doc_date_period covered (or similar structure): always have the convenience of the reader in mind.

Conclusion: The Power of a Complete Information Portal

By implementing these recommendations, you can create a complete portal of timely published information, a powerful tool in establishing and maintaining a dedicated audience. An engaging, accessible archive is not only about compliance but also about demonstrating to your stakeholders that you value transparency and open communication. It shows that your company is an organisation that respects its investors and values its public image.


  • Don’t underestimate the basics of considering the convenience of the reader.


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