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AfricanFinancials’ Journey To Getting 1.6 Million Page Visits And 2.1 Million Emails

Engaging with an audience for the dissemination of vital information is a daunting task that has led to an industry being built around it. Whilst many tools exist to make this task easier, the creation, curation, and distribution of the information meant to be related to audiences is still a tough task.

So how is it that AfricanFinancials has managed to secure 1.6 million page views and distributed 2.1 million relevant emails through its retail investor platform to date?

Understanding AfricanFinancials

In the modern digital age, investors seek convenience, access, and timely data; but there is no one place where investors can access everything they need.
Investment data, prices, and news information in many African markets are not easy or convenient to access. Instead, Investors have to access information using the “mosaic” method – gathering pieces of information from many different sources, like stock brokers, company sites, digital press, registrars, annual reports, rumors, etc.

By making it easier for investors to find and receive investor information on listed companies in Africa, AfricanFinancials seeks to grow identified sustainable investment communities and actively engage with those communities to discover barriers to effective investing. Using standards, capital markets research, and our influence online, we aim to stimulate positive change in Africa’s capital markets.

We believe that the Internet has helped to transform the trading markets by enabling many retail investors to have ready access to company information.

SEC, USA, 2008

AfricanFinancials is all about assisting listed companies to motivate positive change to empower Africa’s retail investors and remove barriers to effective investing; barriers that are responsible for illiquid and dysfunctional markets.

As the sustainability and stakeholder capitalism agenda grows for companies, being able to communicate their strategic purpose (which has at its core the making and distribution of profits) is critical.

It requires digital transformation to be brought to investors and corporate communications. The core outcome is connected communities. This requires an audience – and AfricanFinancials seeks to provide that.

Secondly, addressing the demand for free and convenient access to investment information can invigorate positive change in capital markets.

To date, AfricanFinancials has covered 12 African stock markets and the mission is, over time, to cover all African markets in which there are 1,366 listed companies.

As lofty as this mission may seem, it’s perfectly reachable with the rapid and sustainable growth in the interaction we have witnessed as we have made investor-critical information easier to reach. Africa is eager for information and we intend to supply it.

AfricanFinancials and The Investor Mailing List

Your online presence is central to your Investor Relations and public image. Any company name arising from a search of various data enables readers to immediately access the company profile page to which the search criteria relate.

There is another critical advantage.

Access to the AfricanFinancials and The Investor Mailing List is free and no pre-registration is required to access the portal.

A wide array of well-presented content

AfricanFinancials has an array of content pages specifically structured for investors’ convenience,

We provide some additional insights into AfricanFinancials website indicators below

14% growth to over 1.6 million page views in 2022

14% growth to over 1.6 million page views in 2022

Over 440,000 individual visitors used the investor portal this year up over 26% over 2021 (349,000).

Over 440,000 individual visitors used the investor portal this year up over 26% over 2021 (349,000).

Visitors to AfricanFinancials spent an average of over 3 minutes online per visit in 2022, representing in aggregate over 40,000 hours or 23 years of viewing time online in 2022 (assuming an 8-hour day and 220 working days in a year).

Over 40,000 hours spent on AfricanFinancials

Over 40,000 hours spent on AfricanFinancials

The aggregate time spent on AfricanFinancials investor relations portal is calculated by the average time recorded for each visit multiplied by the total number of visits and expressed in hours.

The Investor Mailing List reaches out to 10 countries daily

AfricanFinancials has an active policy of pushing content published on it to investors through The Investor Mailing List – a free email alert service for each country covered:-

Over 2.1m emails were sent to investors in 2022 who registered to receive the content published daily (free) in the 10 markets covered.

The value of gathering an engaged and active audience cannot be understated. We have gone above and beyond to secure our captive audience and we have learned a great deal about how to curate your content for effective investor relations in our journey.

Modern hosting underpins AfricanFinancials’ website speed, community growth and presents new opportunities to collaborate

Getting Involved in the Future of African Investor Relations.

African Financials is open to working with stock exchanges and other shareholder education initiatives to provide easy access to investor relations documents, prices and news.

Shareholder education, motivated by information availability, is an excellent globally accepted way to take investor protection responsibilities initiatives forward.

It does not make sense for multiple parties to host and provide access to the same basic information like: annual reports, earnings announcements, dividend and AGM notices.

Using modern data feeds and communications tools integrated with the portal of freely accessible information, AfricanFinancials is able to assist.

If your organization is involved in shareholder education initiatives please call us to see how we can assist. We are contactable.

If you are a broker or research analyst willing to comply with our editorial guidelines then please contact us.

Sponsorship or advertising has not historically been enabled on AfricanFinancials. Firstly, to keep the user experience clean, and secondly to prioritize user experience to grow the community to a “proof of concept” level.

The 1.6m page views and a 440,000 user base in 2022, which is growing, now means critical mass meaningful enough for a corporate sponsor to obtain a return from sponsorship.

Sponsorship will provide a win-win opportunity; broad penetration of the sponsor’s brand online and enablement of AfricanFinancials to pursue its mission, namely:-

Expand the portal into other African stock markets. There are 1,354 listed companies in Africa and to date 588 companies have been covered. Our mission is to cover the whole of Africa.
Enable the submission of indicative “Buy” and “Sell” orders directly to the broker for them to complete KYC and sign up new customers.
Enable a direct link between vendors offering online trading platforms to investors visiting AfricanFinancials. This feature has been requested often.
Enable live valuation fundamentals to be displayed with sortable dashboards to enable value investors to identify investment opportunities.
Development of a mobile app to deliver investor relations documents to investors directly.
Interested organizations can contact us.

The next stage for AfricanFinancials is to provide valuation insights for every company covered. This functionality will enable almost real-time curation (sorting) and interrogation of the +600 companies covered for the following indicators:-

Price Earnings Ratio,
Return on Equity,
Price to Book Value Ratio, and
Dividend Yield
We’ve already developed the ability to publish core valuation fundamentals parameters for the additional +560 companies we need to cover.

This functionality is actively used for listed companies using the investor relations services of AfricanFinancials IR.

There is no doubt that the future of African Investor relations is bright; more importantly, there is no doubt that a large part of that future will involve African Financials. We have grown into a vital industrial component in the world of African IR over the past 7 years and the future looks even brighter.

With our communities continuing to grow and our captive audience with it, we haven’t a doubt that, with collaborative effort, we will find ourselves becoming a household name in every country on the continent.

If you are an investor in African markets join the Investor Mailing List to receive share prices, documents and news for 10 African countries. You’ll also receive the Sub-Saharan Africa Top 30 Equities Valuation Report.

If you are a senior executive in a communications function or a director of a listed company, sign up to The Digital Governance Newsletter for practical advice and insights to improve corporate and communications governance.

Turnkey, communications solutions for every listed company in Africa

Speak to us about IR solutions for your company

Speak to us about IR solutions for your company

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