Are you measuring your digital communication performance?
Published On: May 13, 2022Categories: Tips & Tricks1.2 min read
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I specialise in online investor relations data and communications solutions for African listed companies of any size, helping companies set up & manage stakeholder & investor engagement systems through websites, email and mobile apps.

SHOW executives numbers and they will suddenly understand the value of what’s happening in digital.  Numbers in the digital context mean insights (number, mix and length) of:-

🦒 visits
🦒 subscribers
🦒 views
🦒 engagements (likes, comments and shares)
🦒 followers
🦒 clicks
🦒 content pieces published
🦒 content types published
🦒 comments received
🦒 time taken

Present those figures over timelines and the data becomes overwhelming. Aggregate the data categories, in intervals, of say three months, now a story develops, and trends can be noted.

But is that enough to meet the expectations of management/s?

𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗯𝗹𝗲𝗺: quarterly reporting is seen… quarterly. In a fixed layout.

This does not cater for the needs of the marketing, sales, corporate or management team at any and every time of day. The problem?

👉🏿 Multiple, team members
👉🏿 Multiple date ranges
👉🏿 Multiple digital channels
👉🏿 Multiple objectives

It’s all too much.

These challenges are solved by live dashboards of all digital channels, for all performance indicators accessible by the management team over dynamic data ranges.

That’s what we provide to our clients’ management teams. Over time, say three years, fascinating trends appear in where stakeholders are active, what they are doing, saying and why.

How I help companies understand live analytics dashboards

I advise companies on how to interpret analytics data for corporate strategy
⚫ My team assists with what’s needed (everything)
🔴 We enable analyses of feedback to then influence strategy

🥇The net result is companies that do good communicate that widely and responsibly to the general public, stakeholders and investors.

Turnkey, communications solutions for every listed company in Africa

Speak to us about IR solutions for your company

Speak to us about IR solutions for your company

AfricanFinancials works with Boards, CEOs and companies who want to build sustainable businesses through better corporate and investor communications. Our focus is online investor relations to promote secure two-way communications with investors and stakeholders.